Frequently Asked Questions


1) What makes you so unique compared to other retirement communities?

We offer our residents exactly what they desire for one affordable price. Our amenities and services are all inclusive. Given our straight forward approach to retirement living it allows us the the time to give our residents and their community all the benefits of a carefree lifestyle.

2) Do you require an Entrance Fee?

When designing our optional Entrance Fee, we were mindful that this alternative have a long term financial benefit to our residents.  Resident's that choose the Entrance Fee option have a reduced monthly rental amount for the duration of their residence.  Please note any unused portions are refundable.

3) Do you have a security deposit?

Our waiting list deposit is $500.00. We refer to this as a waiting list deposit because 100% of deposit is applied to your first month's rent. We realize there are several costs involved with the moving process and appreciate that every dollar counts during this transition.

4) Can I have guests spend the night in my apartment?

Yes, this is your home. We enjoy having you visit with friends and family. The management team will graciously welcome your guests and make them feel right at home.

5) Are there accommodations for overnight guests?

Yes, all the communities have a charming guest suite for your friends and family to enjoy at an affordable rate.

6) Do you offer on site storage?

Yes, each resident has a designated area for their seasonal items.

7) What happens to my apartment if I have to go to the hospital, a Skilled Nursing Facility for rehabilitation or an extended trip?

You continue to pay your monthly rental fee and all services provided by housekeeping and maintenance remain in place. We offer a meal credit to your monthly rental fee for every 30 consecutive days you do not partake in the noon day meal.

8) When is the rent due?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 10th of each month. For ease and convenience we offer a draft payment option directly from your checking account by the 8th of each month.

9) Do I have to sign a lease?

Yes, you are required to sign a lease.  However, if you wish to leave our community for any reason, a 60 day advance notice is required.

10) Do you allow pets?

Yes, pets are welcome and must be approved by management.  Two pets are allowed per apartment and a $500.00 refundable pet deposit is required.

11) Do you have appointed smoking areas?

Our communities are all smoke and tobacco free. Residents and guests are not permitted to smoke or use any tobacco products any where on the community property.

12) Are meals included in the monthly rental fee?

Yes, we offer a nutritious daily noon day meal in our tastefully appointed dining room.  Residents enjoy the fellowship each day and our fully equipped kitchens allow for preparing meals and entertaining.