How Should I Start The Conversation?

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Even if your family has strong relationships, this discussion can create apprehension and surface some difficult and emotional questions. Will they understand our concerns? Am I becoming a burden? Should we care for them? Do they expect us to? Are we ready? Can we afford it? For years, your family has worked together through life's most complicated conversations. Now it's time to come together again.

Whichever angle you're coming from, start by asking some important questions about where you want your life to go.

This is where the senior citizen / families chart with questions to ask yourself would go.


Active Adults

  • Are you still active but simply no longer want the hassle of a house?
  • How's your social support network?
  • Do you feel a sense of purpose? Or, do you want more opportunity to contribute?


  • Has driving become a concern?
  • What about mobility?
  • Are there ongoing health questions?
  • Does your family live apart?

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